I don’t know if you have been keeping up with kid-trends this year, but apparently, SLIME has taken over soooo many households (including mine)!

My 11-year old, MiAngel, has become (slightly) obsessed with this SLIME stuff. Every day she comes home from school, the first thing she wants to do is make slime.

When she wakes up in the morning, sometimes she’ll wake up a few minutes early just so she can dip her hands in this gooey goodness before she’s off to school. She told me she even thinks about it while she’s praying. Wow!

It seems to be therapeutic for her.

This is the feeling many of us had when we first started our business. But for many entrepreneurs, that flame dimmed out over time.

Are you still excited about what you’re doing and the client’s you’re serving?

If not, it may be time to reevaluate your business model so you can fall back in love with your business AND your clients.

Ultimately, it all comes back to alignment.


When you feel good and increase your vibration, making decisions become easier, you attract more money, and you’ll even serve your clients better. #SoulfulSales

In what areas of your life do you feel out of alignment? Comment below.


Have you ever felt like you were doing everything right, but the very thing you were “pushing for” just wasn’t working out?

This literally just happened to me a couple months ago, and I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. In hindsight, the moment I stopped trying to “force it” was the moment I saved myself so much unnecessary stress and drama...

Every year between June and July, one of my best friends and I take a trip to celebrate our birthdays. It’s something fun we do to spend time with one another, especially since we live about 13 hours (driving) away from each other.

This year, we were planning on doing A Taste of Chicago!

As the plans were being put into place, things just weren’t going right... From booking flights, to the hotel, the activities, and everything else, things just weren’t working out smoothly at all.

It began to feel complicated, and I do not do complicated well with anything.

After weeks of pushing and pushing to ‘make it happen’,  I finally realized it simply wasn’t going to work out. The best thing I could was to let her know, release all the attachments I had to what this vacation time with my girl would represent and remain open to something else.

It wasn’t easy, not even for me, but I did it.

Of course, as God would have it, I later discovered it was a blessing in disguise. Instead of being away on vacation, I was able to be present at home to take care of some critical things that I didn’t know would need my attention.

Sometimes what appears to be a “block” can also be a blessing for something better that comes around later.

As a result, time showed me why our vacation couldn’t happen this go round and I practiced a great act of detaching myself from the outcome (we could all use more practice in that from time to time).

I say this to ask you… is there something in your life or business you’ve been “pushing to make happen?”

Whether it’s a relationship (personal or business), an opportunity you want really bad, launching a program or product, or something else.

It’s important to know that just because your reasons behind why you are pushing it may be valid, there’s a bigger reason why it may not be working out.

What are you willing to let go of and release your attachment to, in order to become available for the blessing on the way?

Let’s talk about this! Come on over to my Facebook Page and let me know if this resonates.

Or just comment below and tell me if this helped you in any way.


Much love to you,



Have you been following the Olympic Games? It’s amazing the amount of time and practice each Olympic champion commits to, in preparation for their big win.

What does this have to do with you and how you operate your business? EVERYTHING!

Watch this clip on Award-Winning Simone Biles who is making world history!!
Click here.

What it takes to win the Olympic Games is the same thing it takes to WIN BIG in your business, while creating BIG WINS for your clients as well.  ...continue reading

What’s big, annoying, and loves to steal your focus?

I’ll give you a hint...it starts with a “D”.


We all have them. Regardless the size, how they show up, or where they come from, they love to steal your focus from the most important things you need to be paying attention to… your personal care and your business.

So what’s yours?

What’s keeping you from growing in your business, putting yourSelf back on your calendar, taking time off to travel, giving yourself a raise, or whatever it is you’ve been desiring to do but just haven’t got around to actually doing - what’s your big “D”?

Last Thursday, I felt led to host a free training call to talk about some of those energy drains and distractions. What I realized during the call is that many people had no idea they were even distracted.

I know that sounds hard to believe and you’re probably thinking,

“How could you not know you’re distracted?”

Well, half the time you don’t think about or pay attention to what’s distracting you because majority of the time you’re so busy trying to pay attention the fifty million other items on your to-do list. Then comes frustration, overwhelm, and a good ol’ friend procrastination.

Sound familiar? Truth is...  ...continue reading