Self Care

Depression is something almost every entrepreneur deals with, but many never talk about; at least not publicly.

During our most recent Enroll From The Soul LIVE experience, I did something I’ve never really had a chance to do in the past, but REALLY wanted to…

I decided to host a panel and discussion with mental health experts to interview, share intimately, and chat openly about mental health challenges while running a business.   

Often times, isolation or pushing through to meet a deadline or accomplish a goal, becomes the norm. Meanwhile, your most critical personal needs go unaddressed.

My intention was to shed light on the subject, demystify any labels or judgments some may have on mental health, and provide professional resources available for those who felt they needed them.

I remember, clearly, a time when I was in a lull of my own and one of my dear friends and owner of The Self-Care Agency, Anana Harris Parris, said something that deeply hit home for me.

She said, “Isolation breeds illness. You need to get out.”

Those eight words immediately woke me up from this fog like-feeling I was in, and prompted me to uplevel my support, and do exactly what she said in a way that spoke to my listening, my personality, and my life at the time.

I share more about what I did exactly in the video below.

I wanted to extend the same opportunity to you that I extended to the participants of our most recent Enroll From The Soul LIVE Experience.

It’s an opportunity to first identify what area of your life you desire more support around; whether it’s your personal life, your at-home life, family life, health, or business life. We could all use support in one or more of those areas, and when left unattended, it can spill over into other areas that are actually working well for you

Telling the truth to yourself about your present state can be quite freeing, and is the first step in getting clear on what’s needed next for you.  

If you have ever faced any mental or emotional challenges, I want you to know that you are not alone, and there are many types of support that can be of aid to you.

If any of this message resonates with you and you would like to get clear on what could be your next natural step to getting support as it relates to feeling good so you can show up stronger in your life and business, simply comment below on this message, and let us know.

My prayer is that if you are suffering in silence in anyway, this message gives you just the boost you need to get proper and professional support for yourself.

You deserve the best life possible.




I just LOOOOVE summer (minus the bugs & crazy, dizzy heat waves, whew!) and all that the Sun rays bring. I’m so tempted to just take off more days than I should.

Instead, I remind myself that because of this high vibrant time, the days are actually longer! So after I wrap up in the office, I can still go play and hangout with friends.  I live for festivals, outdoor concerts, taking hikes, going to the parks, people watching, eating yummy, colorful food, and just flowing.

Here, I am celebrating my birthday after a morning hike up Stone Mountain with a few friends. It was one of the best gifts I could give myself to kick off the day.  This picture SO represents my energy right now.

FullSizeRender 27

It's so easy to “check out” and not focus on being productive in your business during this season.  Trust me, I get it.  I’ve even noticed my Soulful Sales Academy members production level decrease a bit during this time (so I know if it's happening for them, then it could probably be happening for many of you too).  

This is such a special time to incorporate that SUMMER time energy into your business and life because this season is filled with a heightened level of manifestation.  

Meaning, things are blooming quickly and trust me, you want to ride this wave of energy and make the most of it, while still enjoying yourself and taking time off.

How, you ask?  Its simple.

I’ll share with you one of the juicy tips I trained on last week with my clients.  

Build Summer Momentum Tip #1

Share your excitement and summer fun experiences with your community (on and offline) and connect it to what you do and how you help clients.

For example, I teach entrepreneurs Soulful Sales: how to feel good about selling, serve more people, get paid and satisfy your soul.  Ultimately, showing you how to have a business you love and loves you back (ka-ching!).

So for me and my tribe, I always lead with feeling good.  

I KNOW that is ultimately how things get done, how you attract ideal clients, and it's a key component to enrolling more of them.  When my clients get on the phone with me depending on who they are and their personality style, we do all sorts of things to raise their vibrations, their esteem and focus.  

From there, it’s game planning and implementing time. I can’t tell you how many stories I get week-to-week on how it shifts their results from no clients to 3 new clients in just a few days!

Or from a client who needed to back out of an agreement, to that same client now paying in full or on time. These stories give me life all day long!

And, I’m sharing this because I know the power of using excitement to build momentum.  Ok dear, now it's your turn!

My coaches challenge for you today is to...

Select a picture or moment that represents EXCITEMENT for you. Share it with your audience and weave it into a tip or two around the subject matter you actually teach. That simple.  

If you haven’t spoken to your list in a while, this is the perfect time.

If you want to launch something, this is the perfect time.

Use your pictures and stories to share what you have going on in your life. People want to hear from YOU. Connect with them. Reach out to them. Share your summer adventures with your tribe and invite them in. Keep going.

Remember, you are an answered prayer to someone asking for someone just like you.  

I even want to hear about how your summer! Hop over to our Facebook Group and post a pic or just share. Let’s start building momentum together. Remember, you are an answered prayer.  

Let’s do this together!


I love you,


P.S. Do you want a specific strategy on how you can build summer momentum for your biz? Connect with me and apply for a Summer Session with Natasha here.

Summer Session with Natasha

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Have you ever heard sales and pleasure in the same sentence?

Ok, let me ask you this: tell me about a time you had a “pleasurable” sales conversation?

Probably hard to do, right? The reality is that when it comes to your business, there are certain tasks you find yourself doing and they are far from pleasurable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if selling is right up there at #1.

But without sales, your business doesn’t grow, and neither does your bank account.

Instead of running away from sales conversations, avoiding reaching out to people, dodging your follow up calls and being frustrated about the fact that your clients aren’t pouring in, start ...continue reading

What’s big, annoying, and loves to steal your focus?

I’ll give you a starts with a “D”.


We all have them. Regardless the size, how they show up, or where they come from, they love to steal your focus from the most important things you need to be paying attention to… your personal care and your business.

So what’s yours?

What’s keeping you from growing in your business, putting yourSelf back on your calendar, taking time off to travel, giving yourself a raise, or whatever it is you’ve been desiring to do but just haven’t got around to actually doing - what’s your big “D”?

Last Thursday, I felt led to host a free training call to talk about some of those energy drains and distractions. What I realized during the call is that many people had no idea they were even distracted.

I know that sounds hard to believe and you’re probably thinking,

“How could you not know you’re distracted?”

Well, half the time you don’t think about or pay attention to what’s distracting you because majority of the time you’re so busy trying to pay attention the fifty million other items on your to-do list. Then comes frustration, overwhelm, and a good ol’ friend procrastination.

Sound familiar? Truth is...  ...continue reading


I hope you enjoyed this Valentine's Day Weekend!

Whether you had a Valentine or not,  know that you are loved and YOU MATTER!

If you haven't already, be sure to take some time to passionately love on yourself in a unique, extraordinary way. Do something out of the norm… pamper yourself, take a long romantic bath, go out dancing, try out a new restaurant, cook a new dish, taste a new wine, whatever tickles your fancy (and most of all, let others love on you too).

Then take it up a notch and send someone else love in a creative way. Whether you send them a juicy card or simply give them a call and say something sweet, tell someone you love them... that includes me too! (wink, wink).

Wanna show us some love? Drop a love note on our Facebook Page!

Remember, when we spread love to others, it comes back to us triple fold. Stay in the energy of Valentine's Day Weekend throughout your week!

Now, don't let these "love activities" end just because the holiday is over... embrace them into your everyday life. Have dedicated time each day to love on YOU. After all, self-love is the greatest kind of love.

Natasha Loves You!

Natasha 8We all know that having a conversation is like doing the tango: it takes two! But it’s hard to dance if only one person is moving.

Well the same thing happens in conversations. It’s not really a conversation if one person is doing all the talking. In order to keep up with the flow and gain momentum as you go, each person has to play their part.

Imagine dancing with a person that has no rhythm. What’s the fun in that? Be the one who takes the lead in your enrollment conversations.

Here are 5 things to remember before your next sales conversation…  ...continue reading