Monthly Archives: November 2017

Depression is something almost every entrepreneur deals with, but many never talk about; at least not publicly.

During our most recent Enroll From The Soul LIVE experience, I did something I’ve never really had a chance to do in the past, but REALLY wanted to…

I decided to host a panel and discussion with mental health experts to interview, share intimately, and chat openly about mental health challenges while running a business.   

Often times, isolation or pushing through to meet a deadline or accomplish a goal, becomes the norm. Meanwhile, your most critical personal needs go unaddressed.

My intention was to shed light on the subject, demystify any labels or judgments some may have on mental health, and provide professional resources available for those who felt they needed them.

I remember, clearly, a time when I was in a lull of my own and one of my dear friends and owner of The Self-Care Agency, Anana Harris Parris, said something that deeply hit home for me.

She said, “Isolation breeds illness. You need to get out.”

Those eight words immediately woke me up from this fog like-feeling I was in, and prompted me to uplevel my support, and do exactly what she said in a way that spoke to my listening, my personality, and my life at the time.

I share more about what I did exactly in the video below.

I wanted to extend the same opportunity to you that I extended to the participants of our most recent Enroll From The Soul LIVE Experience.

It’s an opportunity to first identify what area of your life you desire more support around; whether it’s your personal life, your at-home life, family life, health, or business life. We could all use support in one or more of those areas, and when left unattended, it can spill over into other areas that are actually working well for you

Telling the truth to yourself about your present state can be quite freeing, and is the first step in getting clear on what’s needed next for you.  

If you have ever faced any mental or emotional challenges, I want you to know that you are not alone, and there are many types of support that can be of aid to you.

If any of this message resonates with you and you would like to get clear on what could be your next natural step to getting support as it relates to feeling good so you can show up stronger in your life and business, simply comment below on this message, and let us know.

My prayer is that if you are suffering in silence in anyway, this message gives you just the boost you need to get proper and professional support for yourself.

You deserve the best life possible.