Soulful Sales: The Missing Ingredient In Your Selling Conversations

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I am here to share with you today what is the missing ingredient in your selling conversations when you are enrolling clients into your business? 

See the missing ingredient is not so much about having the right words and having a script, or even an outline.

The missing ingredient that most people teach is not knowing your ideal customer's buying style. In order for there to be a sale, there has to be someone buying. But do you know what their buying style is? 

What happens is when you don't know it, you end of shooting from the hip all the time. You're guessing, hitting, or missing, and it's really important to know the ideal style of your customer so you can identify what they are looking for so you can speak into THEIR listening and speak THEIR language. 

Often times you're taught, I was taught the same thing, that you have to make it about you, your offer, your products, your services. It's not about you, it's about them. 

In order to find out what they need, you have to ask powerful, concise questions. Let them speak it, share it, and then feed it back to them in the form of your offer and your solution.

Is this making sense?

I hope so, because if it makes sense to you, it can make dollars and sense FOR YOU my friend. 

So, instead of always thinking about what you should say next, ask a question, listen intently, and allow your ideal client to give you the answer key to what they need to hear from you in order to take the next step, which is to buy from you. 

If any of this is making sense or resonating, comment below and let me know!

Remember, sales is just a conversation. It's one you have to have anyway! But here's the key piece to that: you are enough for who needs you next, so go get your next.

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