What The Olympic Games Can Teach Us About Business

Have you been following the Olympic Games? It’s amazing the amount of time and practice each Olympic champion commits to, in preparation for their big win.

What does this have to do with you and how you operate your business? EVERYTHING!

Watch this clip on Award-Winning Simone Biles who is making world history!!
Click here.

What it takes to win the Olympic Games is the same thing it takes to WIN BIG in your business, while creating BIG WINS for your clients as well.  In the video, she mentioned her mindset and positive outlook. She had to condition her mind to win, while also remembering to have fun and be true to herSelf.

During an interview, she talked about how she made a decision to home school and not attend public school. Even though it was hard missing time with her friends, proms, and class trips, she was committed to her goal of participating in and winning in the Olympic Gymnastic Games.

Simone travels the world and “has won 14 world medals (10 gold, two silver, two bronze), which is the most in U.S history” all by the age of 19, according to USA Gymnastics. See her full profile here.

"How many people can say that?”

So ask yourself these questions today…

  • What am I willing to commit to in order to WIN?
  • How will I condition my mind to WIN, in life and in business?


Here are 3 Soulful Sales Tips that you can use in your business, and in life, to condition your mind to win as a champion:

1. Affirm your status.

Begin with I Am… I Am a champion. I Am a winner. I create Win-Win outcomes for me and my clients. What you affirm is what will be.

2. Commit to completion.

The difference between winning and falling short is your commitment to continuing to completion. Commit to your goals until they are complete. Set realistic goals for yourself with actionable tasks, and commit to completing them. Every task done is a step closer to completion.

3. Practice, participate, and produce.

You must be a participant in your own success, both in and out of your business. This looks like balancing your boundaries and Self Care with your business activity. But also practicing in the areas you need the most support.

For example, if you know you suck at sales, then you might need to practice your conversation with a friend before hopping on the phone with an ideal prospect.


Use these tips to go and produce some real time results in your business this week and throughout the rest of this month!

Write out your prospect list of at least 5 people and practice your conversation with a friend. Then go make those 5 calls between now and Friday! You’d be surprised what a little practice and participation can do for your production.

When your mind is conditioned to win, winning is the only option!

Much love, Natasha

P.S. If you know you suck at sales and are ready to get the support you need, let’s explore what working together could look like! Apply for a discovery session here.

Suffering is optional.

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