For most people (and probably you), the answer is no!

Soulful Sales Business Coach and author Natasha Allrich holds you by the hand with these heart felt, soul inspired and proven steps to turn your “icky” feelings about sales into one that is rewarding, fulfilling and where you get results.

“Sales is the heartbeat of every business and for mission driven entrepreneurs it’s vital that your message gets out to those who need it most,” says Natasha.

When you imagine how much you love what you do, and how badly you want your ideal clients to get their hands on your work, equally imagine, you are an answered prayer for someone who wants what you have to offer, but in order for them to have it, you must share your work through selling.

This time you get do it in a way that feels good and is from your soul!

In this audio training, you will learn how to:

  • Uncover your hidden blocks to selling.
  • Abolish your sales anxiety.
  • Shift your relationship with sales from “icky and strange” to one that feels good where you are empowered.
  • Reveal your next steps in how to share your work with others.
  • Give you a 5 Step System you will use to have Soul filled Selling Conversations that Convert into Clients.

Natasha’s business-shifting approach will give you a totally new experience of selling, enabling you to embrace it, enjoy having money based conversations and powerfully make offers to your divine right clients.

Let your gifts make room for you, after all you deserve abundance and wealth on every level, and your next client is waiting for you to show up.

nancy marmelejo"She signed up for a package valued at over $25,000!"

Nancy Marmolejo, Online Visibility Expert, -

"Before working with Natasha, I wasn't sure how to talk about what I did in a way where clients would raise their eyebrows with excitement and sign up.

Natasha's coaching makes it easy for me to share with others without feeling like I'm selling or coercing. She helped me pinpoint the exact language I could use that lowered all my anxiety around selling.

Using that authentic approach, I had an enrollment conversation with a prospective client who enthusiastically signed up for a high-end consulting package valued at over $25,000. Never once did I feel like I was trying to talk her into something or make her buy from me.

The ease and flow of it reassured me that, yes, clients can be enrolled without using tricks or manipulation." 

jen-urezzio"I doubled my income in less than three months!" 

- Jennifer Urezzio, Master Intuitive Teacher, -

"What Natasha provides is so valuable. Her guidance on my business and my approach has allowed me to double my income in less than three months.

I respect her directness, her giving nature and a knowledge of how to enroll clients that is one-of-a-kind. If you want to grow your business, the first and most important stept to take is to hire Natasha.

You will be thankful every time you sign a client. I am!"

Are you ready to feel good selling?

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