Are you ready to Align with your Desires, Speak the Language of your Ideal Client, and Confidently Close More High-Level Offers and Sales?


“Natasha is the truth! Prior to working with her, I had been struggling with enrolling clients in my higher priced programs simply because I wasn’t confident enough and tried to “sell” it. 

Not less than 1 hour after hanging up with her, I enrolled a client in one of my higher priced programs for the very first time. AMAZING!!!” 


April Chapman

Wellness Coach

“Before working with Natasha, I wasn’t sure how to talk about what I did in a way where clients would raise their eyebrows with excitement and sign up.

Natasha’s coaching makes it easy for me to share with others without feeling like I’m selling or coercing. She helped me pinpoint the exact language I could use that lowered all my anxiety around selling.

Using that authentic approach, I had an enrollment conversation with a prospective client who enthusiastically signed up for a high-end consulting package valued at over $25,000. Never once did I feel like I was trying to talk her into something or make her buy from me.  The ease and flow of it reassured me that, yes, clients can be enrolled without using tricks or manipulation.” 


Nancy Marmolejo

Executive Coach

“I had the highest close ratio ever in a presentation, landing 6 new clients.

  I was able to speak to all the groups in the room, using what Natasha calls their unique buying style language. 

Now I have the freedom to speak on any platform and share valuable content that monetizes every time.”



Loretta Love Huff

The Dream Leader for Business


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