Have A Business You Love That Supports Your Life!

As a business and personal life coach, I work with a wide array of coaches, consultants, trainers, healers, high achieving entrepreneurs and go-getters who love what they do, and whose work really helps others in a huge way.

My clients desire to have a business where sharing their gift is fun, easy, and enrolls new clients on a consistent basis, without ever having to convince or coerce a buying decision.

Through our work together, they learn how to sell with ease using my PULSE system (that I explain in my free audio training) by Converting Conversations Into Clients™.

I teach my clients how to WIN in business, and if they desire, build a 6-figure business model that will support their Soul-inspired lifestyle!


Rose BlackPrior to working with Natasha I had no idea how to talk without selling when promoting my offers. Since taking this course, I have enrolled 5 new clients and I can now have sales conversations anytime, anywhere!”

Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert at www.winningchanges.com

By working with me, you will:

  • Identify your sales personality and learn how to use it in your conversations
  • Find the words that easily help you enroll new clients with ease
  • Learn how to fill your programs and services
  • Learn how to retain the sales you’ve made once your clients enroll
  • Pinpoint your key lead generation strategies specifically for your business
  • Develop a sales funnel to keep cash flowing constantly into your business

Get ready to Enroll More Clients. Feel Good Selling. And Get Great Results.

Programs and Services


Natasha 2Convert Conversations Into Clients™:  7 Week Immersion Program

Natasha’s 7-week Intensive Soulful Selling: Convert Conversations Into Clients™ Program will give you a totally new experience of selling and allow your gifts to support your life.

You will be guided through her PULSE system and learn how to show up confidently in selling conversations, uncover your selling blocks, share your gifts in a way that feels good, communicate your offer effectively, generate leads that convert into paying clients, retain the sales you’ve made, and much more!

Start embracing who you are and what you have to offer. Enjoy having conversations around money, and powerfully make offers to your divine right clients. Let your gifts make room for you. After all, you deserve it! Your ideal clients are waiting for you to show up.

Learn more about becoming a part of this 7-week intensive program. Click here.

“I earned over $25,000 in new revenue while I was taking the program.”

After taking Natasha’s program, some of my results have been that I now create much more spaciousness, warmth, rapport and ease in sales calls—they now feel like graceful, poignant conversations.Nadine

I’ve learned how to listen closely for my prospects’ most urgent needs and how to mirror back those needs in their language. I’m even more comfortable with offering my services only to ideal clients who are the perfect match for how I work and what I offer, and give other suggestions to people who aren’t the right fit.

I confidently sell high-end, multi-thousand-dollar offers in a single strategy session to my ideal clients and I’ve earned over $25,000 in new revenue while I was taking the program.

Nadine Nicholoson, Founder of MeJane at www.mejane.com

Soulful Sales AcademySSA logo-w green

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur and would like to be a part of a holistic, non-traditional Sales Academy that focuses on the alignment across your business, your mindset, and spiritual practices, with customized 1:1 components, the Soulful Sales Academy may be a perfect fit for you!

Learn more about becoming a part of The Soulful Sales Academy. Click here. 


Private Coaching

If group coaching is just "not your thing" and you desire more 1:1 private coaching, let's explore what a coaching package could look like just for you - tailored specifically to what you need next! Learn more about private coaching opportunities. Click here.

“One session with Natasha and I got to the root cause of some big holes in my process. The very next week I made $10,000 that would have gone unrealized had I not invested in time with Natasha.”

Lisa Churney

Lisa Cherney, The Juicy Marketing Expert at www.lisacherney.com