How To Make Growing Your Biz Pleasurable

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Have you ever heard sales and pleasure in the same sentence?

Ok, let me ask you this: tell me about a time you had a “pleasurable” sales conversation?

Probably hard to do, right? The reality is that when it comes to your business, there are certain tasks you find yourself doing and they are far from pleasurable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if selling is right up there at #1.

But without sales, your business doesn’t grow, and neither does your bank account.

Instead of running away from sales conversations, avoiding reaching out to people, dodging your follow up calls and being frustrated about the fact that your clients aren’t pouring in, start putting more pleasure back into what you do! Including your enrollment conversations.

Pleasure is all about feeling good, not perfection.

One of the things I did recently with my Soulful Sales Academy Group members was a fun, action-driven challenge that ended with some powerful, pleasurable results:

  • It got them into action right away (with a deadline to complete certain actions)
  • It got them speaking to more ideal clients in a short period of time and having more enrollment conversations
  • It landed many of them new clients and new money in less than a week!

And those are just the tangible results. But more importantly, it gave them a boost of confidence and evidence they needed to remember who they are is enough for who needs them next, and their programs, products and services are valuable and worth paying in full for!

If you want that too, check out my Soulful Sales 7 Day Challenge beginning next Monday, March 28th. This is designed to help get you into action and get you results.

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When you feel good, you do more. When you focus on perfection, you procrastinate.

Now of course I have to make sure you have a Soulful Sales Tip on how you can stop procrastinating and start bringing more pleasure into your sales conversations...

TIP: Do something that makes you feel good, then go complete an action that could put you in front of more clients (i.e. reconnect with a past client and see how they are and where they might need support, ask your clients and business friends for referrals, follow up with potential ideal clients who expressed interest in working with you).

Remember, happiness and excitement attracts more of the same energy.  Bring more pleasure back into your business actions by taking care of your self-care and sales strategy, then watch the results roll in.

Try out this tip in the next 48 hours and tell me what happens:)

Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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