What’s stealing your focus and how to stop it…

What’s big, annoying, and loves to steal your focus?

I’ll give you a hint...it starts with a “D”.


We all have them. Regardless the size, how they show up, or where they come from, they love to steal your focus from the most important things you need to be paying attention to… your personal care and your business.

So what’s yours?

What’s keeping you from growing in your business, putting yourSelf back on your calendar, taking time off to travel, giving yourself a raise, or whatever it is you’ve been desiring to do but just haven’t got around to actually doing - what’s your big “D”?

Last Thursday, I felt led to host a free training call to talk about some of those energy drains and distractions. What I realized during the call is that many people had no idea they were even distracted.

I know that sounds hard to believe and you’re probably thinking,

“How could you not know you’re distracted?”

Well, half the time you don’t think about or pay attention to what’s distracting you because majority of the time you’re so busy trying to pay attention the fifty million other items on your to-do list. Then comes frustration, overwhelm, and a good ol’ friend procrastination.

Sound familiar? Truth is... 

Most people are distracted, and don’t know it, because haven’t taken the time to identify and name their distraction. #SoulfulSalesTip

Which brings me to my tip for you today:

“The first step to releasing yourself from an energy drain and getting out of a funky energy space is to identify and name the very thing that’s distracting you.”

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. But at least when you know what it is - identifying it and give it a name - you’ll see it coming a mile away the next time and can create some strategies to diminish it.

Let’s see what’s distracting you! I listed a few distractions below. Go ahead and circle, or write down, which ones apply to you:

  • Not addressing something
  • Not nourishing yourself
  • Avoiding confronting or difficult conversations
  • Signing up for too many trainings or webinars
  • Worry if you will meet your goals
  • Feeling like you are running out of time
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Going at it alone
  • Not enough of the ‘right actions
  • Too much activity and not enough down time
  • Too rigid and set in your ways
  • Not being supported properly with what you need

I’d love to see what you chose as your biggest distractions. Even if it wasn’t something on this list, this should give you some reference to identify what it is for you. Tell me, what’s distracting you?

Comment below. Excited to read your responses!



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