5 Things to Remember Before Your Next Sales Conversation

Natasha 8We all know that having a conversation is like doing the tango: it takes two! But it’s hard to dance if only one person is moving.

Well the same thing happens in conversations. It’s not really a conversation if one person is doing all the talking. In order to keep up with the flow and gain momentum as you go, each person has to play their part.

Imagine dancing with a person that has no rhythm. What’s the fun in that? Be the one who takes the lead in your enrollment conversations.

Here are 5 things to remember before your next sales conversation… 

  1. Guide the conversation in the direction you want it to go
  2. Position yourself as the expert
  3. Be attentive when you hear a need
  4. Address the need with compassion and clear action
  5. Offer your products and/or services where you see fit

Remembering these 5 things will help keep you focused on serving your potential client!

Ultimately, that’s why we have these conversations. That’s the essence of why we are in business; to serve our ideal clients with what they need and enroll as many of those ideal clients that want to work with us. In order to do that, we must identify how we are showing up to the conversation; is it from a place of “selling” or “serving”.

Guide the conversation in the direction you want it to go.

This is the most important part of the conversation. You are the leader, so guide the conversation. Draw the path and keep your prospect/client on track. It’s like leaving a breadcrumb trail for them to follow.

Position yourself as the expert.

When your clients signed up to work with you, it’s because they saw value in what you offer and respected your opinion. That’s a clear indicator of how you should position yourself. You are the expert at what you do. This is a good thing to remember before the conversation, just in case your client attempts to redirect the conversation, you can get them back on track and remind them, if necessary, why they originally signed up to work with you.

Be attentive when you hear a need.

Listen closely to the needs of your client. If you let them do most of the talking, they will always tell you exactly what they need support around. Your job is to listen, and ask clarifying questions to ensure that you are clear on what to offer them.

Address the need with compassion and clear action.

Once you’ve heard the need, be compassionate with your client. Acknowledge their pain and present them with a clear plan that will help them fulfill their desire.

Offer your products and services where you see fit.

Once you’ve listened to your prospect and assessed where they are, you should be able to determine if they are your ideal client or not. The truth is, if they reached out to you, it’s because they were interested in your products/services. If they are your ideal client, they will ask to learn more about what you offer. This is your time to shine! State your offer with bold confidence and they’ll have no choice but to work with you.

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